July 3, 2022



Some Internet hotlinks on the subject of "open-book management"(OBM)

  1. The Foundation for Enterprise Development has a website at which they publish an "e-zine". They have about three articles in each month’s issue that touch on different areas of high-performance management. I can strongly recommend scanning through their past issues for good articles and transcripts of speeches. Apropos to OBM go to http://www.fed.org/leading-companies/Nov96/motiv.htm
  2. A consulting firm out of Australia, the Nestadt group, has a website on all aspects of OBM which a discussion forum option, etc, go to http://www.nestadt.com.au/openb.html
  3. John Case, who authored the best book to date specifically on the subject of OBM has a site which offers other stuff related to OBM. It appears a bit dated, but interesting at http://www.shrm.org/hrmagazine/articles/0296obr.htm

For references that touch on the subject matter of the eight points that are mentioned under the sub-heading "the open book prescription" in my article entitled "Closed-Book Management Equals Death", they follow below. The numbers correspond with the eight points in the article.

  1. On the how to’s of sharing the numbers with all of the employees – check out:
    1. The MCG article #5.31 entitled "Share the Secret – Profit is a Clean Word"
    2. The book by Jack Stack entitled - "The Great Game of Business".
    3. Click here for an MCG book review.

    4. The book by John Case entitled - "Open-Book Management; The Coming

    Business Revolution." Click here for an MCG book review.

  2. On more complete scoring of quality numbers, etc, consider the following
  3. resources:

    1. The MCG article #3.1 – "How To Define Perfect Service"
    2. The MCG article #3.7 - "Succeed With The Service Economic Chain"

  4. On strategic models that help all employees understand what we are trying to do and what we believe in consider:
    1. MCG article #5.8 – "Make Employees Strategically Motivated"
    2. MCG article #3.7 – "Succeed With The Service Economic Chain"

  5. On how to afford premium wages for a job niche consider:
    1. MCG article #5.2 – "Pay 150% to Get 200% Output"

  6. On resuscitating TQM and succeeding consider:
    1. MCG article # 3.9 – "TQM Resuscitation Tactics"
    2. MCG article #3.5 – "Earn High Returns With Heroic Recoveries"
    3. MCG exhibit entitled "Process Engineering x Services under the "Articles, Exhibits" section

  7. On employees being customer niche smart consider:
    1. MCG article #1.2 – "Growing Profits Not Necessarily Volume"
    2. MCG article #2.3 – "Measure Customer Profitability and Act"

  8. On systems that ask employees to continue to improve and hold up their end of the premium employment bargain consider:

    1. MCG article #5.10 – "High Performance Distribution – Six Key Systems"
    2. MCG article #5.7 – "Personnel Systems for Hiring and Keeping the Best Employees"

  9. On preventing top-down syndrome from creeping back into a high performance environment consider using bottom-up anonymous surveys from the employees. A variation of this system is also known as "360 degree evaluations". Consider:
    1. The book entitled 360° Feedback by Edwards and Ewen. Amacom Publishers. 1996.
    2. The Bell Leadership Profile, Dr. Gerald D. Bell, P. O. Box 572, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Ph: 919/967-7904, FAX: 919/967-3484.